At Vast Networks, we’re dedicated to delivering a reliable, 100% fiber connection around the clock for California businesses to want to connect locally and internationally. From businesses in various industries including agriculture, technology, manufacturing and more to hospitals and school districts, we offer a variety of network solutions that connect multiple locations with secure, redundant bandwidth and much more.

Born from the independent telephone industry where quality service has always been stressed, Vast’s services are state-of-the-art, its network reliable, its prices competitive and its customer service beyond compare. Organized in 1995, CVIN LLC (dba Vast Networks) is comprised of affiliates of several independent telephone companies located in Central and Northern California, offering a full line of network services to other telecommunications companies in the area.

As innovative technology evolves our services, we’ll continue to expand the territories where we provide service. Our mission is to ensure that many more California communities — and the businesses they support — have the latest communication services at reasonable prices to maintain and grow their businesses.

Fewer Delays. Less Downtime.
Always Reliable.