“All-fiber” sounds expensive. Is it worth it for our healthcare organization to switch to your network?


Making the switch to our all-fiber network is worth it for a couple of key reasons.

Vast Networks offers a much more private and secure connection. We create a connection so that a main hospital can deliver files to various clinics, and they are privately transferred without the risk of violating HIPAA.

Our all-fiber network can also reduce costs in other aspects – because with Vast, you’ll use less hardware. For example, an internet connection and a firewall that connects you to multiple locations is more expensive than our point-to-point circuit on a single firewall. In addition to patient-facing needs, we’ve been able to get initial network services up and running in 24 hours. And with Vast, there’s no phone trees – we’ve answered customer calls at 2 a.m.

We’re available 24 hours a day because we want to quickly resolve any issues.